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Programs to Download

We have found some good free or shareware programs, suitable for teachers to use in school, at the following sites. They include programs to help children learn in many curriculum areas and also programs useful for teachers in recording, assessment and reporting.
There are also some programs to download from here.

If you decide to spend some of your hard earned money you may need a currency converter. This one is very simple to use and will appear in a separate pop up window.
UCC Personal Currency Assistant.

mouse gif

Here are a few programs you can download directly from here. We found them on the web ourselves and can recommend them.


This is a screenshot of Blobbos, a very simple and strangely addictive game. You either reproduce them or send them to Mars!
Download it here.


This is a screenshot of Cobpaint, a very simple drawing program.
It lets you save and print.
Download it here.

Our E-Book

This is our own creation. It has some of the links pages of our website in it.
Find out more here.