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You might find some of these links interesting, perhaps useful.
Educating children should be a partnership between home and school. Therefore parents and schoolstaff are all 'teachers'.
So check out our 'Teacher Stuff' too.

And please don't forget..... we all learn by example.

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  • Parent's Information Network
    Information about the role of computers in children's education.
    Also brilliant for software evaluations by teachers, parents and children. All age ranges.
  • Positive Discipline
    Tips and suggestions for dealing with problems. Aimed at those who deal with children of all ages.
  • National Grid for Learning
    Information about all sorts of things.
  • Parentline Plus
    Parentline offers support to anyone parenting a child. It has a freephone helpline (O808 800 2222), courses for parents, and a wide range of information.
  • Hyperactive Children's Support Group
    Description of hyperactivity and dietary considerations.
  • Learning Goals
    What children (and teachers) in Nursery and Reception are aiming for.....with your help!
  • Dept for Education and Employment
    Parent's Gateway. Advice and information for Parents
  • British Dyslexia Association
    Lots of information here. Also try the Dyslexia Institute. They have local offices where you can get help and advice.
  • DynaMo for Parents
    If you have children between 5 and 9 and you want to help them learn at home, this BBC site looks good. It features a wide range of interactive, on-screen games to help children with literacy and numeracy, science games, and experiments to print off and try.
  • Anglia Campus
    Information about bullying and also
    How to help at school.
  • Bullying
    More help and information.
  • Get Ready to Read
    Lots of advice on how to develop your child's pre-reading skills. They can't read successfully without them!
  • ICTeachers
    Parents section of the site. Good links to help with parenting problems. Education information too.
  • Parents Online
    New site aimed at parents of younger children. Items on education, health and leisure. Check it out.
  • Family Play
    Expert advice, help with problems, education issues.
  • Sesame Workshop
    Activities for parents to do with babies and children up to the age of two.
  • Net Nanny
    From here you can obtain the top rated filtering and blocking software for when your children are surfing the internet. It costs around 35 but sounds worth the price. Don't settle for less than the best.
  • Child Fun
    A site full of ideas and activities. Very useful!
  • Kids Freeware
    Free programs to download onto your own computer so you can play them with your children. Links to online games too.
  • Clever Island
    Banner 10000036

    This sounds good.
    It's expensive at almost $50 a year but they are offering a 10 day free trial so you can check it out. It claims to be designed by teachers and leading child development experts to educate children from 3 to 8 and improve the skills they need in order to succeed in school. There are over 90 online learning games and activities updated every two weeks.
  • Kidstime

    This preschool site has nice online games with well known characters, competitions, stories and lots of activities to download and try at home.
    There is a subscription of 14.99 per annum but you can try some free samples first.
    Looks good.