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Learning Goals

The Government now expects children to reach certain standards by the end of different stages in their school education. In the Nursery these used to be termed the 'Desireable Outcomes'. For many of our disadvantaged children these were simply unattainable.
Now with the establishment of the Foundation Stage the 'Desireable Outcomes' have been replaced by the 'Learning Goals' which at times seem equally unachieveable, and with the downward influence of the Literacy and Numeracy strategies, perhaps even more so.

That doesn't mean we don't try.
It means we try harder.
The purpose of our pages is not to describe the goals but to try and provide a little help to other schools and Nurseries in achieving them.

For those who do not know what the 'Learning Goals' are there are sites which explain them in detail such as
The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.