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Children's Pages.

Here we hope you will find things of interest to kids, young and old.

Boy with catapult Hamster jpg Our real pets

Learn about our hamster and goldfish.

Elephant gif Our fun pets

(We had to take this one back to the pet shop. He kept squirting the teachers with water from the water tray!)

Artist jpg Pictures to print and colour.

Some of our own and links to others.

Cook gif Simple Recipes

Tried and tested recipes for children. Simple to make.

fun and games gif Fun and Games

Links to sites with good, child friendly content.

smile gif Our Onsite Games.

Simple games to play right here.

bunny gif Songs and Rhymes

Links to Music Sites.

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Design and Make

We've got the make it.

And finally.....Why not personalise your computer and impress your friends?

Download an interactive koala bear that lives on your desktop and gets up to all sorts of mischief! Click the link to find out more.
But remember, it's important to ask permission from an adult before you download anything!

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