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Foundation Stage Policy

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Policy for the Foundation Stage.

Document Purpose
This policy reflects the values and philosophy in relation to the teachimg and learning of the Foundation Stage. It gives a framework within which all staff work and gives guidance on planning, teaching and assessment.

This policy document, having been presented to, and agreed upon by the whole staff and the governing body, is distributed to all individual members of the teaching and non-teaching staff and school governors. Further copies of the policy are available in the Nursery and the Head Teacher's office. A copy of the document is also in the schools General Advisor and Inspector's boxes which are kept in the Head Teacher's office. Extra copies are available from the Foundation Stage staff.

The Curriculum for the Foundation Stage should underpin all future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting and developing children's: We endeavour to provide a well planned and resourced curriculum to take the children's learning forward and to provide opportunities for each child to succeed in an atmosphere of care and of feeling valued. The monitoring of each child's progress throughout the Foundation Stage is essential to ensure that they are making progress and that particular difficulties in any of the areas of learning, whatever the cause, are identified.