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Our Favourite Stories

These are books we have read so often that we know them by heart!
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Title Once upon a Picnic
Author John Prater
Publisher Walker Books
Isbn No. 0-7445-5244-3
A family go on a picnic and are soon surrounded by story characters. Simple rhyming text.

Title The Little Red Hen
Author Margot Zemach
Publisher Red Fox-- Random House
Isbn No.
The classic tale retold. Nice pictures.

Title Winifred's New Bed
Author Lynn and Richard Howell
Publisher Hamish Hamilton
Isbn No. 0-241-11474-8
Winifred gets a new bed but it seems too big. She adds her toys one by one

Title We're Going On a Bear Hunt
Author Michael Rosen
Publisher Walker Books
Isbn No. 0-7445-2323-0
Family outing to hunt for bears, encountering a number of hazards on the way.

Title Bears in the Night
Author Stan and Jan Berenstain
Publisher Collins
Isbn No. 0-00-171271-3
Repetitive story. Good use of prepositions.

Title The Very Lazy Ladybird
Author Isobel Finn and Jack Tickle
Publisher Little Tiger Press
Isbn No. 1-85430-628-6
The ladybird sleeps all day and hasn't learned to fly so she tries to get lifts from other creatures.

Title Little Red Riding Hood
Author Jonathan Langley
Publisher Diamond Books
Isbn No. 0-261-67017-4
Traditional tale told with a comic slant

Title Little Red Riding Hood
Author Tony Ross
Publisher Picture Ladybird
Isbn No. 0-7214-9690-3
The traditional tale with a comic and modern slant

Title Little Miss Muffet Counts to 10
Author Emma Chichester Clark
Publisher Red Fox
Isbn No. 0-09-925609-6
Various renditions of the Nursery Rhyme with some of the words altered to make a story

Title The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Author Eugene Trivizas
Publisher Picture Mammoth
Isbn No. 0-7497-2505-2
Roles reversed and updated materials are used including concrete and dynamite!

Title Ten Bears in a Bed
Author John Richardson
Publisher Tango Books
Isbn No. 1-85707-520-X
Pop up book of the song.

Title Little Bear Lost
Author Jane Hissey
Publisher Red Fox
Isbn No. 0-09-962470-2
Little bear gets lost in a game of Hide and seek. His friends look for him. We like all Jane Hissey's books. The illustrations are a delight.