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Behaviour Policy

We adopted a policy of Assertive Discipline a few years ago. It transformed the behaviour in our school.
It is based on the premise that everyone has a choice of good or bad behaviour, and once aware of the consequences, will usually choose to behave well.

We had training sessions which included watching a video, and we were also given books that outlined the theory behind the concept, and gave us photocopiable materials such as certificates.
We have simple Rules and Consequences which the children understand because they helped us create them. We always look for positive behaviour and reinforce it with a reward of some kind. Rewards can be as simple as a smile, a touch or a few words. Or they can be more tangible...... a sticker, a certificate , or a prize.
Whenever we see children behaving well, regardless of whose class they are in, we give out tokens, (We call them Caldis, after the name of our school.) At the end of each week we have a class draw.
It's almost as good as the Lottery.... and there are more winners!